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Idle in March

Early in the morning on February 18th, I took the battery off the tender. The last time I had the battery in the bike was in late November. I wiped down the battery and laced up my Chippewa boots and headed down to the parking garage.

For the two weeks prior, the outside temperature had been in the double digits. There has remained a green hue to the grass this winter, unusual for Southern Ontario, and we have had three bike shows and a Triumph new bike launch at a night club in Cabbage Town. All of this has resulted in everyone getting very itchy to get out on our two wheels. So that morning, as I had been telling everyone within ear shot, I went down and fired up the bike for the first ride of 2017. 

For the next couple weeks we were able to get out and spend some time in the saddle. Beautiful rides along Lakeshore out to Oakville and Port Credit. That was until last week and an arctic front that finally decided to come and visit us just as we thought winter was ending. I wonder some…

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